Friday, June 28 // 25,- €
Saturday, June 29 // 35,- €
Sunday, June 30 // 5,- €
Weekendticket // 60,- €
Children under 14 years accompanied by an adult are admitted free

Weekendticket for drivers with a vehicle
up to 1976 // 40,- €
(co-driver / 1 person // 40,- €)

Advance ticket sales: weekendticket 50,- €

Check-in is possible on friday, June 28, from 10:00 a.m.
Booking of camping areas is not possible!



We give great importance to the safety and well-being of the festival
participants. Please refer to the following rules, to insure the succesful
future of the festival.

Out of consideration to our neighbors, we have to reduce
the sound level at night. Therefor, we have the Parties in the
Roadrunner's Paradise Hangar with bands and
DJs playing until the morning hours.

Respect the needs of other visitors. No harassment of any sort!
Take care for yourself and others and take care of your
personal belongings.

No driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

No pocket bikes or mini bikes! On the entire area!

You can drive fast on the race track.
On the remaining area, between crowds, for example,
you will need to slow down!

No entering or driving on the airfield. The existing fences are there
for your protection. Aircrafts land and take off there. We want you to
enjoy yourselves, not be caught in an accident!

Due to increased risk of accidents, it is not allowed to climb the hangars.

Barbecue? Sure, but please do not use open fires.

The consumption of your own food and drinks is only permitted
on the campground.

Campers get a blue garbage bag at the entrance.
For your garbage disposal we have containers. Please keep
the area clean.

We don't tolerate political discrimination: this is not a place for Nazis!

Thanks for your understanding, have fun...