Surrounded by forsaken aircrafts
as part of the exhibition, premier league Rockabilly,
Punk and Rock & Roll acts will keep you in blow your mind.

Are you looking for another thrill? Then watch the impressive line up
of classic Motorbikes, Hot Rods and Custom Cars. Furthermore you
will find market stalls satisfying the taste of all with art & trade shows,
custom-artists, traders and much more.

Without a doubt, this weekend's highlights are the breath-taking
show-races, happening directly on the strip. Vehicles taking part will
hit the road to go for the legendary Furlong, wich is one-eighth
of a mile. This distance used to be the ultimate speedlick during the
fifties. A real paradise for every Hot Rod maniac.

So, as you can see, the Roadrunner's Paradise Race 61 Festival
is definitely not a relaxing car meeting with posers in tweed jackets
and knickerbockers. This event is a hundred percent Rock & Roll and
focuses a certain cult and an attitude - this is the real deal.

The Race 61 is three days high voltage Rock & Roll bash
without speed limits!!!


Program 2017 in progress...


This year special guests are DEMON DROME from England. The Grandaddy
of all extreme sports! We look forward to Dave Dynomyte, The Duke,
Sam The Dutchess, Alabama Bam Bam and the rest of the clan.
They will perform tricks and stunts on the eye-popping 1920's vertical
Wall of Death. Shows take place several times a day.